Living the Promised Land Story

God used a vision planted in the heart and mind of an ordinary guy with a purposeless, mistake-riddled past.

This vision for the impossible is still growing today in the lives of countless men and women freed from addiction, taught that they have a purpose and equipped to face life’s challenges and live with joy.

The vision started with a “YES!”

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Equipped!

From funny stories to deep, spiritual insights about perseverance and the joys and heartaches of taking the road less traveled, this is a book that will encourage you in your walk with the Lord and fortify you in your personal journey toward the Promised Land God has for you.

A Road Map Full of Lessons Learned.

Writer Julie Larocco shares the story of Pastor Bill Heintz, his ministry partner and wife, Michele, and how the heart of God has shaped, sustained and moved behind the scenes to bring the vision of The Foundry Ministries to life.

Maybe God is calling you to be a minister or you could be:

  • A painter who makes things bright and beautiful
  • A teacher who is gifted at helping people discover and build their skills
  • A mother who raises her children to be compassionate and successful adults
  • A writer, an entrepreneur, an organic farmer, a traveler…

This incredible story of God's faithfulness will encourage you to follow the dreams in your heart.

Bill Heintz

Co-Founder/Chief Spiritual Growth Officer
The Foundry Ministries

“The story of my life and ministry is really the story of God’s transformative power and the change only he can bring in the life of an ordinary guy willing to say, “YES, Lord.”

Bill operated as a “functional addict”, without purpose and, as he says, “on a path to nowhere” for many years until a relationship with Jesus Christ changed his heart, his priorities and his life. As a licensed and ordained minister, he joined The Foundry Ministries (then known as the Bessemer Rescue Mission) in 1996 and led the organization as executive director for 20 years, realizing his vision of offering men and women caught in the grip of addiction the tools to permanently transform their lives. Before coming to The Foundry, he served as associate pastor at Calvary Assembly in Decatur, Alabama, and then as interim director for the Downtown Rescue Mission in Huntsville.

Michele Heintz

Co-Founder/Chief Spiritual Care Officer
The Foundry Ministries

“We’re excited to share our story of freedom and empowerment through The YES Journey. Our hope is that it will encourage, motivate and bring peace to hurting families, the broken, leaders and to those seeking their own personal promised land.”

Michele has been influential in women’s ministries since 1984, previously pioneering programs in local churches in Alabama and Tennessee. Since coming to The Foundry Ministries in 1996 with her husband, Rev. Bill Heintz, the former executive director, she has served in many capacities including director of administration, assistant director and senior director of women’s programs, through which she led the growth of the Women’s Recovery Program and the restructuring of the Rescue Program.

Julie Larocco

Chief Development Officer
Kansas City Rescue Mission

“The idea of journeying to a personal promised land was new and led me on my own path as I wrote Bill and Michele’s account of their promised land journey. The pain, joy and wisdom they experienced and earned along the way ministered to me and I believe it will minister to readers, no matter where they are on their journey toward fulfillment and purpose.”

Julie grew up around a rescue mission, which her grandparents founded and her parents operated. She says it was a strange world to grow up in but one she wouldn’t trade. She later consulted with missions around the country before she began serving as chief development officer at Kansas City Rescue Mission in 2009.

Someone recommended Bill and Michele contact her to help them with basic fundraising and public relations not long after they moved to The Foundry Ministries in 1996. The three are now like family, even though they are physically many miles apart.

Julie and her husband Rob live in Kansas City. Her three children and 10 grandchildren all live close by.

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